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Maatr Movie Review 2017

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Maatr Movie Review 2017

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Maatr Story: Vidya Chauhan (Raveena), a school teacher and daughter of her teenager Tiya (Alisha) was thrown at the rape, assault and on the side of the road. Tia hurt her injuries while her life is alive. Since the police is pulling their feet in full investigation, Vidya has prepared her revenge strategy.

Maatr Review: Delhi, where this film is based, is often known as India’s rape capital. And the only intention of the film is to act as an awakened call for atrocities against women, you appreciate the intentions, however, this film is an over-dramatic article of heinous crime and what happens after this

In the film, in minutes, you see that a mother and daughter take a wrong turn and go to the home of the unknowingly, Apoorva Malik (Madhur Mittal), who is the son of a politician’s brain. High on the substance, he and his morally corrupt friends gangs are ready to score at any time. They rape and misuse Vidya and Tiya in a cruel manner, which makes you sad. And, before you can fix it with all its misery, these two are thrown from the car, on the journey in the fearless style, so that you can move forward.

Obviously this idea is to get people out of their sleep, but to achieve better results, it is necessary to accelerate the screenplay and characterization. Instead, it plays like a drill, the mother has been admitted to the hospital. Her unhealthy husband lamented at the loss of her daughter, but wants to divorce her, an artist, Ritu (Divya Jagdale) provides support. And the police are conservative, which is ridiculous to the mouth like ‘Prime Minister is talking about shaping the country, and it is talking about rape. ‘

Next to the mother pulls her bandages, steps on the treadmill and the revenge angel incarnation is decorated. Turn from the turn, he kills those humans who are wrong with him. Of course, because his pain is so deep, you initially sympathize with him. However, its brands of vigilance violence are equally troubled.

Raveena is honest as a victim who rejects her hands to get justice. But, the quantity of bloodshed, you ask, what is bad, leaves the images of the rape gorier, or the criminals of crime are bleeding, the same?

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